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Announcing Daytime Security Patrols

The Pioneer Crossing West (PCW) HOA Board is pleased to announce a contract has been negotiated with Sentry Security in conjunction with Pioneer East for daytime patrol of both neighborhoods. Patrols are scheduled to begin this Wednesday, June 24. Sentry will continue overnight random patrols, but the day patrols will consist of a security patrol officer driving both neighborhoods continuously for about six hours each day, Monday through Friday.

The HOA board has received numerous requests for this service. Since APD has cracked down on the Rundberg area the last couple of years, crime from that area has been steadily moving into our neighborhood (but not as much as it has moved into surrounding neighborhoods). Most home burglaries occur during daytime hours when people are at work, so this should help reduce the risk of home burglaries and other crime that occurs during the day. 

PCW HOA continues to recommend residents be vigilant and continue to watch out for each other. Monitored security alarms, longer screws in all door jambs, manicured lawns, short hedges, and evening exterior front/back and interior lights are still some of your best defenses to reduce the risk a home burglary. Also, please make sure your vehicles are always locked and no valuables are kept inside (and don't keep garage door openers in your vehicles) as we've had an increase in car burglaries in our neighborhood.

Thank you.

PCW Waterfall/Fountain

Each year around this time after we have had some rain, residents ask when the fountain will be fixed.

It is not broken.

The fountain uses City of Austin water and under current watering restriction it is not legal for us to fill the fountain.

There is also a myth that the fountain uses water from the pond that is located near the fountain.  It does not.  The water quality ponds catch runoff and drainage water during rain events, but are empty or nearly empty most of the year.  The very dirty water contained within the ponds wold also be unsuitable for a waterfall such as we have.


Pool and Rec committee meeting - June 23

The PCW Pool and Rec committee will meet at the PCW pool on Tuesday June 23rd.

Meeting time is 6:30.


Come join the committee and have input on activities in your neighborhood.


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