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PCW Annual Meeting - recap

On Thursday September 25th, the PCW HOA annual meeting was held.

The turnout was overwhelming and it was standing room only.


During the meeting, there were two HOA board of director position up for election.


Dale Gogates was re-elected for another 3 year term

Aubrey Basfield was electged to the other open position.


On October 2nd, the HOA board met as required by the association bi-laws to choose officers.

For the next year the officers are as follows:


President - Dale Gogates

Vice President - Julie castillo

Treasurer - Michelle Berkoff

Secretary - Aubrey Brasfield

Member at large - Blake Contine



Pioneer Crossing West - Neighborhood Party

Event Time: 
10/25/2014 - 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Come join us on Saturday October 25th at the PCW Pool area for a Neighborhood Party.

Come meet you neighbors, be entertained and get some lunch.


BBQ and refreshments will be served.

There will be live entertainment.

There will be pumpkin decorating and face painting for the kids - and kids at heart.


Hope to see you there.


You can RSVP by going to the Nextdoor social networking site and linking to Pioneer Crossing West.  There you can indicate you will attend the event.


Volunteer meeting

A meeting will be held on Saturday October 11 starting at 12:00 Noon.

It will be at Zed's, which is located near I35 and Yearger Ln.

All Pioneer Crossing West committee volunteers and anhyone interested in volunteering is invited.

The goal of the meeting is to get all the PCW HOA committees organized, choose a chairperson and get regular committee meetings scheduled.  It will also be a general question and answer session on how the committees work, what their goals for the year might be and what their budget is.

Come join us on Saturday and get involved in helping out your community.

End of PCW Pool Season

Sunday October 5th was the last day of the Pioneer Crossing West pool season.

The pool and pool area are now closed


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