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PCW Neighborhood Cleanup

The Pioneer Crossing West HOA Landscape committee has organized a community cleanup event.  The goal is to pick up trash and debris in the neighborhood and along the trails.

The cleanup even will be Saturday April 25th.

Meet at the PCW Pool at 8:00 AM.

At noon, there will be food and drinks served at the pool for the volunteers


Everything you need will be provided.

Come on out and help improve your neighborhood and meet some of your neighbors.



PCW Pool Opens on May 2 for 2015 Season

The Pioneer Crossing West community pool will open on May 2nd for the 2015 Season.  The monitors and lifeguards will be there each weekend in May.  Starting in June, they will be each day that the pool is open.  As a reminder the PCW pool is closed on Mondays for cleaning and other maintenance.  Memorial day and labor day are the exception to the Monday closing.

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