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Street Work Planned in PCW

The City of Austin will be in the Pioneer Crossing West neighborhood between August 4-August 15 for scheduled routine street maintenance (weather permitting-no rain).

A few days before work on your street maintenance starts, the City of Austin will post a notice on your door.  Please read it carefully.  You must not have any vehicles parked on the street on the days indicated in the notice, or they will be towed.

 DO NOT PARK on their scheduled street AFTER 8:00 AM on the provided date displayed on residents door hanger, to prevent vehicles from being TOWED.


For Your Sagety

For you Safety


The Pioneer Crossing West HOA pool is closed each Monday, unless it is a Holiday.

Pool maintenance is performed each Monday which includes adding chemicals to the pools.  However unlikely,. the chemical levels could be high enough to cause skin and eye irritation.  For this reason do not attempt to gain entry to the pool area on Mondays and use the pools.

As much as we loath to take this step, if residents are found using the pool on a non-holiday Monday, Austin police will be called and anyone in the pool area ejected.

The card-key system is configured to not allow residents in on Mondays, but software problems have in the past allowed residents to gain access to  the pool area.  Also residents have been seen scaling the fence to gain entry. 

Signs outside the pool area clear indicated the pool is closed on Mondays.  Please abide by the pool schedule for your best interest.

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